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4.2K members online now
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Tony Asselin, CPA

No Address Anymore

(540) 558-9227



Dear Sirs/Madams:


My accounting and tax practice was sold and CLOSED back in December, 2012 !  ALL references to my named practice were to be totally eliminated and I am NOT ALLOWED to hold myself out as a CPA at all, in Virginia nor anywhere else following my closing out of the practice.  Yet, at this point, you all continue to reference my site and practice in all your business listings.  PLEASE remove any and all listings to Tony Asselin, CPA from Google as I continue to be in violation of professional ethics and Virginia law as you continue, thus placing me at legal risk !


Thank you for any action you can take to remedy this situation.  Feel free to contact me at or leave a telephone message whereby I can return a 'directed' phone call to close out this situation once and for all !