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4.8K members online now
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Google My Business Issues

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Hi, I'm having an issue with accessing my business review page or account to respond to reviews. I've never set up a Google My Business account or anything of the sorts. I'm assuming advertising companies I payed several year ago went ahead and did it for me. I've tried all the options for trying to claim my business but the business isn't coming up as the one on the actual search on Google. It creates a whole different company review page for me. I have no clue on to beginning to access this to where I'm able to interact with my customers. I'm becoming quickly concerned as of recently I've been receiving a lot of attention that isn't the good type that I cannot respond to. I'm worried about this possibly being a competitor going out of their way to cause trouble. I've never had a Google review in all the years I've owned my business up until recently.

I need some way to claim this business correctly, I apparently don't know how. At this point I'm all out of options with this... 
Not sure if I'm posting in the correct category area.