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Google Maps showing wrong address, phone number, etc.

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Business: Victoria Golf Club

Location: Victoria, BC, CANADA

Address: 1110 Beach Drive, Victoria BC, V8S2M9

Phone: 1-250-598-4321


When you google 'Victoria Golf Club' the address coming up for our business is in the deep USA with the wrong phone as well. I cannot claim this business either because the only two verification options are to contact by mail or phone... to the wrong address. It is using our crest and our website, and therefore we need this resolved asap as it is mixing two businesses, and is causing major issues for our website, searches, etc.

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April 2016

Re: Google Maps showing wrong address, phone number, etc.

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Hi Tawnya,


When I do a Google Search for Victoria Golf Club. This is what I see




It seems the first result is correct, right? If so, this is good since my location is set to North Carolina, USA. When I click the secondary, incorrect location I see a business located in Virginia. One state north of mine in USA. Is this the address in question?


It seems like Google is confusing the two and putting your clubs information on this listing even though the actual listing has no information that matches




I would suggest "suggesting an edit" on this listing and address why the content Google has produced is for the incorrect business. I will fill this out right now as well to see if we can expedite the process. Go here to suggest edit,-78.1699334,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0...



Re: Google Maps showing wrong address, phone number, etc.

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If it is using your crest that is a cause for concern, like identity theft, rather than a coincidence. Looking at the other expert's answer, there is the option to claim your business for the result that appears in BC. As for the crest issue, once you have claimed your business, send Google Support an email.