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Google Maps listing hijacked by Beyond Menu

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Marissa_GMB - Community Manager please help!!!


My Restaurant  needs to re-claim our listing
  • A user (Beyond Menu) has taken over our page
  • I,the actual owner, tried to request ownership transfer and the fake owner simply rejects the ownership transfer. 
Now the website link on Google Listing goes to's online order website. 
Beyond Menu even created a domain with the restaurant name + city like this format.
I have followed the official instruction from "Someone else verified my business", but I have been rejected twice and I called and spoke to two Google representatives and was turned down by both and am still rejected by the fake owner.
Here is the business information. I ,as the actual owner, would like to re-open the listing and reclaim. 
Tanjore Indian Cooking
18 Eliot St
Cambridge, MA 02138

Google Maps listing hijacked by Beyond Menu

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THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO!  Google WILL NOT help out with me at all.  This is ridiculous and simply unacceptable and I'm not even sure how Beyond Menu did this to us.