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4K members online now
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Google Listing Spam (90%)

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

Dear Google Support - 90% Of Google My Business listings are owned and managed by 3rd party providers.  

90% Of Small Businesses do not understand what "Google My Business" is. 


If Google would like to do the right thing and give visitors accurate information
 STOP Prioritizing "Google My Business" in the search results. 


The more priority on it = the more Spam there is.  
It's disgusting down here, every day there is 10 new companies Claiming / Managing local business.  


Visitors are confused and Dizzy by bouncing back and forth to different websites each week.  
Registering with dozens of companies as each 3rd party requires registration. 
Poor visitors and local businesses are the ones getting hurt. 

- This can be Prevented, Stop displaying "Google" in the search results. 


Google is a SEARCH ENGINE, It should act such as one. Help visitors find the best content. 


Okay thank you all for listening to my piece :)