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Google Listing Hours

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There doesn't seem to be a way to remove the 'Drive-thru' hours from our listing. Any suggestions? I've already tried:

-Updating the hours in our Google My Business account, 'drive-thru' is not an option

-Removed the 'Drive-thru' amenity for this listing

-Also tried editing the listing on this screen (see below image) but there is no option to remove/edit the 'drive-thru' hours


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



Biz Hours.jpg

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Re: Google Listing Hours

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Hi @Amplify Federal C


Google is likely scraping these from the business website. There are a few instances in the location finder area that Google may or may not be able to crawl and scrape from. I would get all instances of the drive thru hours removed that you can find if they're not applicable.




You can also try contacting support to see if they can remove the drive thru hours from the listing. You can request a call from support (when available) by filling out this form. Or you can reach out to them via Facebook or Twitter

TomW, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Google Listing Hours

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That makes sense! Thanks so much for the response = )