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Google+ Business profile change company name

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Dear Sir or Madam,


we have a Google+ Business profile and we want to change the company name.

The actuell name is (see also attachment):

Die Bergquelle B&B


We want to change this company name (as official on our homepage as well as, etc.) to:

B&B Hotel Die Bergquelle


On Google My Business, the company name is already changed - see attachment.


When I am trying to change the company name of our Google+ Profile (also YouTube profile is linked with, it comes the following message: "This setting can not be changed for your account." - see also attachment!


I have seen now, that under "My personal data" there is also a Google+ E-mail address added, see also attachment:

--> I have no chance to change the password of this e-mail address, if I am trying, I get the following message: just the owner can do that. But I am the owner of this company! I think, as I have created the profile fiew years ago, I had here problems with...


Google Maps URL:

Google+ Business profile change company name


Thank you very much for your help!


With kind regards from Flachau


Franz Rettenwender


B&B Hotel Die Bergquelle

Unterberggasse 192

5542 Flachau

Österreich / Austria

Tel: 0043 6457 2623


E-mail address which I cannot login.jpgE-mail address which I cannot loginGoogle My Business - Business profile 'B&B Hotel Die Bergquelle'.jpgGoogle My Business profile "B&B Hotel Die Bergquelle"Google My Business - Business profile 'B&B Hotel Die Bergquelle'2.jpgB&B Hotel Di...Google+ Business profile 'Die Bergquelle B&B'.jpgInformation from Google - 'This setting can not be changed for your account.'.jpg