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2.3K members online now
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Google Business Impersonation

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1. Full business name: Alex Hussein Films & Photography
2. Current business address: Fairfax, VA (Going to change to Washington DC)
3. Current telephone number: 703-505-1331
4. Google Maps URL: N/A
5. Website:


I have a business and own a website (, yelp (, Gigmaster ( and Facebook page ( for it. I recently searched my name and found out someone made a Google Business site, named it "Alex Hussein Films & Videography" with my photo's, my home address, and my number. They also have a get quote number that goes to their email. I also got something in the mail recently from Google My Business giving me a verification number I never requested for  "Alex Hussein Films & Videography" and the email for the verification was (my email is Is there any way to have this fake and impersonating business site removed?


Fake Business Site:

Real Business Site: