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Google AdWords and GMB Listing Duplication Issues

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I have posted this on the Google My Business forum but I am unsure which one is best. I am Digital Marketing Manager and the lady previously in my position created 2 listings; one for Google Knowledge Box and one for Google AdWords - which I do not have access to.


I recently took my first weeks holiday from work and upon my return, my boss has tried to access the Knowledge Box listing through his account accessing the AdWords Listing. I tried to resolve this by transferring ownership, but we now have 3 listings (the middle listing is the new one). We have now been suspended due to duplication but I cannot remove either listing as it may jeopardise the accounts. Please see pictures for examples.


Original Listing:


WBAB Gmail.png


Boss's Listing (Linked to AdWords):
info WBAB.png

I hope that the description of my issue is not too difficult to understand at is very complicated. I would be very grateful if it was possible for someone to resolve my issue, or assist me in doing so.


Thank You.