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Dear Google. NEED YOUR HELP! 


A Chinese Restaurant c needs to re-claim their listing.
  • The restaurant requests the postcard to verify their listing and was waiting for the postcard.
  • An unknown user also requests a listing verification, and Google sent the postcard to the restaurant. 
  • The restaurant owner received two postcards. Entered and not working for some reasons. 
  • A few days later, an unknown user pretends to be calling from Google and ask for the PIN to verify that the owner did receive the postcard. 
  • The owner gave the PIN to the fake owner
  • Now the listing is hijacked 
  • The owner tried to request ownership transfer and the fake owner simply rejects the ownership transfer. 
Now the website link on Google Listing goes to's online order website. 
Beyond Menu even create a domain with the restaurant name + city like this format.
The owner follows the official instruction from "Someone else verified my business", but still get rejected by the fake owner.
Here is the business information. The owner would like to re-open the listing and reclaim. 
China Dragon Chinese Restaurant
2700 w pecan st suite. 600 pflugerville tx, 78660


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# 2
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I have been trying to call and email Google with no response. I think this is not right 

I also think it isn't right that anyone can make up a false I D and post lies. 


I work very hard, have been married 28 years and donate 4 days a month of my life to volunteer. 


I am am so embarrassed by a review. I have contacted Google with no response. 


This is is bullying and hatred. Why would anyone do this I don't know. It is a fake ID so Google shouldn't allow any reviews like that in the first place. Second they should not allow this kind of slander. It isn't about the company. 


This is has affected me personally. 


I believe if you allow this hate will continue. Stop hate and spread love. 


I am am blaming you just as much as the person you wrote it. 


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# 3
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Im sorry im little confused. what have i done to you? this is not a fake id, i am the owner of that restaurant. i borrow the template from some other post who actually got help from google. i found out that it was beyond menu's sale team who stole my account. he called my restaurant when i was not here, and claiming that it was from google to verified our business. then my cashier told him the verification code. i have called them numerous time for past 3 days. every agent is telling me that someone will call me, but so far not a single person do so. i dont know if you can feel what i feel, i have to ask a theft to give back my restaurant page. and they keep making money from us by putting their website on my google page. if you think im lying you can contact me personally.