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Forgot account used to add business info to Google Maps-how to recover or reset?

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Hi all.  I forgot the Gmail account I used when adding our business info to Google Maps--how can I recover that account name, or reset it?


To be clear, when one searches for our business on Google Maps, the location is returned on the map, as well as some basic info about our business (operating hours, phone number, etc) (see attached screenshot).  Unfortunately, the staff member who originally added this info has forgotten which Google account he used to create and edit this information.  How can I go about determining the Gmail account used to create and edit this business info?  Alternatively, how can I reset ownership to a different Gmail account?  I am able to provide any business info necessary to prove I am officially and legitimately acting on behalf of the business.

I should note that I'm not 100% certain the staff member used Google My Business to add this info.  I originally thought it was done via Google My Maps, and posted my question in the Google Maps product forum (post here).  But someone directed here.
Thanks in advance.
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Forgot account used to add business info to Google Maps-how to recover or reset?

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@Carl G


there are just two options for you:


1# recover the "forgotten" credentials of the GoogleAccount.

This is ony possible through this link "Account Recovery"


In case this will not work oyu should use any other of your existent GoogleAccounts (or creating a new one) and using this new account you can apply the procedure "Someone else verified my business"

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile