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4.6K members online now
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Fake Reviews and pictures from competitor in my Business Page Profil

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My Google business page is : Mama Lili Homestay 



I already contact you two week ago to report a fake review from a guide name : Tourguidesapa on my google business profil. 


this one had posted 2 pictures from competitors and put a rating (3/5) which is overthrowing my total rate. 

It seems that first picture was deleted by google but not the other one and the rating is still there too.


url of the second fake picture :!1s0x36cd40b955555555%3A0x6c393dca28200d39!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80...



URL of the tour guide :


I don't find the url for the rating but you can see it easily from all ratings from Mama Lili Homestay business page (only 7) : it's the one from TOURGUIDESAPA


Could you please remove the rating from this guy who has never been in touch with this business? 

May you tell me when it's done on my email plz.