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2.2K members online now
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Fake Local Listing Impersonating our business

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I own and manage 7 google local business listings, but found one on google maps that is impersonating us, at,-1.0654006,18z/data=!4m5!3m4...


How do i get him removed? We are Cool Car Air Conditioning, with 7 local business listings, eg,-2.... is one of them. 


But this guy is not part of our company but uses our name, and links to our website as his own His phone number is not one of ours and the address is certainly not one of ours.


Basically he's set up a business using our name and website but his address and phone number. At least he needs to change the name and remove the link to our site. How do we do this?


Our Details:


Please include the following with your question:
1. Full business name - Cool Car Air Conditioning
2. Current business address - various
3. Current telephone number - head office +44 (0)121 314 2099
4. Google Maps URL - various, but eg,-2....
5. Website (if applicable) -