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Fake Google+ Pages not owned by us

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I would really appreciate some help here. We have recently set up our Google for Business profile along with an associated Google+ page. Since doing we have noticed when doing a search on Google for our business that three Google+ pages come up with our name and address details, two of which have not been created by us and and are in now way linked with our Google Business account of company and location. I have spent the best part of a month corresponding with Google Business support trying to get the two Google+ pages removed or merged into our account as the legitimate business so that I can subsequently remove them. I provided all necessary proof to Google support verifying that we were the business, at that address. They then said I had to wait 7 days whilst they tried to contact the owners of the two bogus pages. Fourteen days later I had not heard anything so I contacted Google support to receive this reply back:


Hi ,

Thank you for your reply.


This email is in regards the Business page Southern Cross Alliance - Australian Visa & Immigration Consultants


We have noticed some recent activities done by the page owner and they are actively managing the Business Page. So, sorry we will not be able to release the Business Page.


Please get in touch with the Business Owner.


I hope this will help.



How is this even possible? I have done everything that Google Business has requested in proving that we are the owners of the said business and yet I cannot get these two pages removed, which are clearly using our business name, address and logo. Google's support for this kind of issue is absolutely shocking, and I can't believe to verify my business details to the Google Business support person that I had to take an photo of our logo my front door, even though I offered to send business registration details and signed letters on company letterhead from our Directors. How can a photo of a logo be adequate to verify a business and its location, and why as an owner of a business can I not get these two fake pages removed, just because there is still activity on them? Of course there is still activity on them, the individuals who set them up who have no relation to our business are performing the activity.


Any help would be very much appreciate.


Yours, extremely frustrated.

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Fake Google+ Pages not owned by us

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Top Contributor

are you about this listing

Its one listing ok.

But where are the two mentioned pages?

YOu seem forget linking them

Why are you going to remove which of the (not yet) provided Pages?


Removing of verified listings isnt possible.


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Fake Google+ Pages not owned by us

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It would now appear one of the pages has been taken down, so now there is only two pages. The first one below belongs to us the second one doesn't.

Benjamin Harrington