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2.5K members online now
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Duplicates of my business / locations

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Hi, i get an error when logging in to my business (verified by code received by telephone), it says that there is a duplicate of the same business / location. Dont know if this has something to do with it, but for a couple years ago i verified my business by receiving a code by post. So i might have claimed an verified my business two times .. I have alot of other challenges in my work, and it takes up almost all time. But is there someway to fix this in a easy and fast way? If not im afraid i might have to stop using it. And its a shame, i liked the concept and more, so any guidence will be greatly apreciated !!


Is maybe on solution to remove all my business, at least the one i have access too and then register and verify by getting

a new pin-code?


Anyways, thanks in advance ..



J.A. Haukenes


Google Mail :


Private Mail :




Full adress : Skogedalen 15, 5305 FLORVÅG (NO)
Current phone numbers : +47 976 99 959 / +47 56 14 14 74


Google Maps URL :,5.2222491,17z/data=!3m1!4b...