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Duplicated Brand Account after create Google My Business

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I have this problem: 


In origin I had this brand account:

with a Google+ page and a YouTube channel associated.


After I created a Google My Business account, it has been automatically verified and a new Brand Account has been automatically created with a new Google+ page:


So now I have 2 brand account, the new one linked to the Location 





After that, searching the activity on Google, what appears is the new Brand account and not the Location.


There is a way to associate the Location to the old Brand Account? 


I have already moved the YouTube Channel from the old brand account to the new one, so now it is linked to the Location too.


Dati_del_Brand_Account 2.pngDati_del_Brand_Account.png


But what about the Google + page?







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Duplicated Brand Account after create Google My Business

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Top Contributor

after the "divorce" of GoogleMyBusiness and G+ made about three weeks ago there isn't anymore an option to merge the G+ page with the local and verified GoogleMyBusiness listing

They are not considerd as duplicates by Google.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Duplicated Brand Account after create Google My Business

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Hi Helmut, 



So what can I do with the new one? Just leave it there? Because the other problem is that the new brand account automatically created appears in the search results instead of the Location of My Business.