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4.5K members online now
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Duplicate listing (Old business and my New business)

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I'm hoping someone can help! I recently purchased a bookstore in El Dorado, KS. All info is listed below. The short version is that the previous owner's listing kept showing up and confusing people, even though I'd set up the new business on Google. It was showing both businesses. I went online and suggested a change in name, hours, website, etc. Google just added those changes, but didn't merge the two listings, so now it shows my business name twice. The new problem, then, is the reviews. Although her reviews are certainly not bad, there's one in particular that I don't want the owner response to look as though it's from me - just not my style. Can I just delete that business?? If so, I'd want to keep the one with one review and delete the one with 15 reviews. 


OLD BUSINESS LISTING:,-96.8822597,17z/d...


NEW BUSINESS LISTING:,-96.8822597,17z/d...