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4K members online now
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Duplicate Verified Listing Misdirecting Customers

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There is a duplicate listing for a business I manage that is verified and is purposefully misdirecting customers.  I have requested access to the listing a number of times and am always rejected by the current owner and have also tried to mark it as Permanently Closed.  We were able to establish and verify a correct listing but of course, the other listing outranks us and the pin marker is in the wrong place and regularly sends customers to the wrong location.  Without access to Support, I'm not sure who to reach out to get this fixed (I used to reach out to support through Twitter as well but have not had much luck getting them to respond lately).


The duplicate is here:

The accurate listing that the owner of the business has access to is here:


The Space Place Mini Storage

59313 Blackstone Dr. Amite, LA 70422