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Duplicate Locations - One Unverified but can't delete it

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Biz name - DBL Law

Main Address - 207 Thomas More Parkway, Crestview Hills, KY, US

Phone:(859) 341-1881

We currently have 4 locations under out biz account. One of them is defunct and it is unverified:

Kent Wicker:Reed Wicker PLLC

I am unable to remove the Reed Wicker location and it's conflicting with our location at the same address in Louisville.

How do I remove this Reed Wicker Location?

Additionally, when I search for DBL Law, the location in the knowledge graph shows the Cincinnati location.

This is not our main location (Crestview Hills should be). How can I change that?

Thanks for the assistance!


Re: Duplicate Locations - One Unverified but can't delete it

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I suggest you to please contact Google My Business Support Here and they will surely be able to help you resolve the Issues.


Please feel free to reply to this thread in case your issue is not resolved or you have any questions.


Thank you



Tahir Mirza