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2.5K members online now
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Duplicate Location

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

Hi There,


I'm having trouble with the below information:

1. Moira Kwok ND - Licensed Naturopathic Doctor @ Eka Health - above The Detox Market
2. 420 King St W Toronto ON
3. (416) 548-9879 


I closed down this listing 3-4 years ago and it doesn't appear on my "Manage My Locations" section of My Business.  And in fact, I didn't even register my original listing at 420 King St W (I was only at their previous location of 367 King St W).  However, Detox Market is now having trouble claiming that location because mine is there.  Is it possible for you to delete mine permanently (even though it looks like it's permanently closed on my end) so that they can have it?


Thank you.