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Dupe listings, one with old info on old gmail address

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I recently created a new Gmail for my business to keep it completely centric to the business and use it for Google My Business & Search Console. 


I forgot that I had the business on an old (still active) Gmail account and had created a listing for it over 10 years ago with WebMaster Tools. Then it came up in a search with the OLD address!


I just want to have the ONE listing on the new Gmail account and delete/remove the old one - but I keep getting messages about how "deleting it will remove everything associated it from the web" and while I am pretty sure it's only referring to the OLD listing I am not sure if the NEW one  - which is one on a completely different Gmail account - will be affected! 


Question is: Will my NEW listing on a separate Gmail account be affected at all if I REMOVE/DELETE the listing from the OLD Gmail account? 


The new listing has been verified, has Google Console & Google My Business set up and doing well in rankings and I don't want to screw things up. 


OLD - wrong address in Bellingham,-122.4752959,17z...


NEW - right address, current info in Seattle,+Design+%26+Training+in+Seattle/@47....


Thank you!