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Don't know who owns my business page and can't request admin access

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I have tried for a few years to get the phone number on that page fixed. I believe that account was opened by a marketing company we hired that turned out to be a scam. The business is owned by my family, and that is my cell phone number. The number should be the store number, not my cell phone number. I have reported this issue and even went as far as opening an abuse report saying that the page was impersonating us (we actually have a different page, so it is). None of this has gotten me anywhere.

I am tired of my cell phone ringing at 10pm (yep, christmas and new years included) and Google not helping me fix it. PLEASE HELP ME, I AM VERY FRUSTRATED.

You can verify that I am telling the truth by calling the number on that page and I will be the one who answers. I would like to either take ownership of that page, or just have it removed completely. Thank you :-)

Brandon Conway

Sun City Coin Gold & Silver

26010 McCall Blvd, Suite A

Sun City, CA 92586

(951) 672-7470 (directly accessible at the cell phone number which you will find on the link above, which is the whole reason for this post)

p.s. This is the correct page and phone number (which I own, you can verify that)



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Re: Don't know who owns my business page and can't request admin acces

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Just to head it off, I have already been given the advice to try to request admin access and attempted it multiple times. You can find my thread on the public plus pages forum here:

Re: Don't know who owns my business page and can't request admin acces

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

@Brandon C


I have two questions: 

Since you wrote having tried "to request admin access and attempted it multiple times":

There is a HC article "Someone else verified my business"   explaining the steps and this HC steps works in all cases I applied them.

How did you tried exactly this steps?

Having done this you should have gotten a mail from Google about this request to get the ownership over the page of your business

In the end the mail  sent by google tells you when and under what circumstances its rcommendable  contacting the support 



Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Don't know who owns my business page and can't request admin acces

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Okay I feel stupid. I couldn't find that business on (only found the correct ones that I already own), but that is because the name used on that plus page is wrong. I kept searching for "Sun City Coin Gold & Silver" and couldn't figure out why it wasn't listed. The plus page has "Sun City Gold & Silver" I copy and pasted the name and it found it, surprising the heck out of me. Since this has been going on for about 4 years, you can't imagine how happy I am that I finally got to request admin access. Thank you for you help!

Re: Don't know who owns my business page and can't request admin acces

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Good Afternoon Brandon,


Not sure if you've noticed but there are a couple more listings for the business in addition to the one you've referenced in the thread (not verified), see below. If you're speaking to support I would request removal of those pages (hmm...since there's already a verified listing for McCall Blvd and the listing you're trying to have corrected is not a verified listing it might be better to arrange a live chat with a Google rep to request removal of all three pages rather than going through the process of requesting admin rights - have you tried this?).


I also wanted to pass along a tidbit of info, for this verified listing, you've added additional information in the name field, which is not permitted as per Google's guidelines (Business Info ➔ Name) therefore I recommend removing Get Up To 100% More Than Competitors Now. The same applies for the other listing, I recommend removing Get The Most For Your Gold Now.


Since you've gone to the trouble of creating location pages, instead of adding the homepage URL as the primary domain link for each listing it's recommended that you add the URL of the location page. When Google knows the page for each location they can return the relevant page in search (wouldn't apply to the other locations because there are dedicated websites for those locations).


Hope the info is helpful.