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5.3K members online now
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Different Owner - Both Accounts Mine - Violates Policy

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  1. L & R Wildlife Services
  2. 2380 Willow Oak Rd, Mulberry, FL, 33860
  3. 561-247-2686

I just found that this profile seems to be suspended now, too.


I originally registered this business with Google My Business with my AOL account. In an attempt to get my business up and running, I created a new Gmail account, The listing now appears in both accounts and conflicts with itself.


Now, when I go through the process of assigning managers, it toggles between my old AOL account and my new Gmail account arbitrarily. I never receive an email from Google to accept management. I am afraid of deleting the listing because receiving a post card took almost a month.


Any advice for me to solve this?

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Re: Different Owner - Both Accounts Mine - Violates Policy

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Top Contributor

@Batgirl L

I'm not quite sure having understood you:


the URL you provided gives me a 404 error (this might caused by the suspention)

But there is an other business listing and its verified.


who ever (and in through ever dashboard) it's managing it  you still can claim it if it is your business.

My recommended steps are:


remove the suspended page from your actual dashboard.

Once this is done (not before) follow the steps "Someone else verified my business" to claim being your business to regain  control over it

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile