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2.3K members online now
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Deleting a listing from google.

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 We are the owners of Town Line Laundromat and wish to have the Town Line Laundromat listing deleted from google. It is no longer in business and is interfering with customer's ability to find and/or review our new business, Sunny Suds Laundromat ( 38 Town Line Rd #1, Rocky Hill, CT 06067 [(860) 436-6015] ).  Whenever someone googles "laundromat in rocky hill" the listing for Town Line Laundromat shows up. We would like for Sunny Suds to appear in the search results in lieu of Town Line Laundromat. We had made the request for the Town Line Laundromat listing to be deleted on previous occasions and heard back first from the support team that the listing could not be deleted if it was less than 3 &1/2 stars (the listing now has 4 stars, and should be eligible to be deleted). Then, when speaking to a representative on the phone, we were informed that there was no way to completely delete the listing and that our best bet was to mark it as permanently closed. We do not want to mark the business as permanently closed as this would cause other problems. We also can not verify the web page so we can not make changes to the information, such as the hours of operation, which are currently incorrect.  When we e-mailed google support again to address this issue we received a notification e-mail that they could not be contacted by the e-mail address they had previously been using to correspond with us. We have been trying to solve this problem for some time and have been unable to get in touch with google support via e-mail. To reiterate, for the sake of clarity, we would like to have the listing for Town Line Laundromat deleted or removed. We do not wish to have the Sunny Suds Laundromat listing deleted. We would greatly appreciate any assistance that could be offered regarding this situation. 

This is the Google Maps URL for Town Line Laundromat:''/laundromat+rocky+hill/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x89e64d84b0571...

The listed address and phone number are: 38 Town Line Rd, Rocky Hill, CT 06067 &  (860) 436-6015