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Current owner won't respond to ownership request.

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1. Buckeye Woodland Auto Parts

2. 8226 Woodland Ave, Cleveland, Oh, 44104

3. 216-421-2500



Google passed on my request to the current listing owner. The current listing owner contacted me via email stating, "Please provide me with your full name and contact information so I can transfer". I responded with my full name, told the current listing owner they can correspond to the email address I replied with, and also provided a phone number in case they needed to call for any reason. 


After two days I sent another message asking when they would transfer and if there was any further information they required and I did not get a reply or have ever been contacted again since the initial email. 


It has been 18 days since the current listing owner contacted me and 11 days since Google My Business support last emailed me. 


I'm getting no results. What can I do? 

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September 2016

Current owner won't respond to ownership request.

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Google contacted me 9/24/16 in the afternoon and sent an email to transfer ownership to me. Everything turned out wonderful. Thank you.