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Copyright on Pictures

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I own a Google My Business. No problem or questions there. However, I believe I discovered a niche worth mentioning and asking. As a contributor, my views have driven over 350,000 views to businesses, parks, hotels, etc.


I have also noticed that some businesses, had I not told Google about them, and submitted photos which help them appear online, would have virtually no online presence. Furthermore, some businesses have received thousands of visitors because of photo's I have taken.


Here is a perfect illustration:


Mr. Nicks.jpg


There is nothing special about this photo. In fact, it is not even that great. Guess how many views it has? Over 60,000 views. The owner is receiving a free ride on my tail (if that is safe to say) and this is one of many situations. I am not asking to make money off this but rather a way to monetize from it instead.


But you cannot monetize from it that well unless you can claim ownership of photos.


Can you put copyright claims on photo's that you take of other businesses? It seems perfectly fair. If you drive them traffic they would otherwise never have, and they receive business from that traffic, you should at least be able to own the photo's that you provide.


This would be of tremendous value if anyone knows how. Not only that but I believe it will help create incentive to the entire community if they know there work receives some form of recognition. Thank you.


Matthew Albertell

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October 2016

Copyright on Pictures

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You own the copyright as soon as you take the photos in the US - other countries have variations of this law.  So you were the undisputed owner the moment you took this photograph.

However, as soon as you upload them to Google, you granted Google a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use your photos however Google chooses.

There is a great program called Google Local Guides (I'm level 5 BTW) that contributes information, including photos, for free.  You don't get any money, but you can meet other people, help your community, win prizes, and help your neighbors.

So you already are getting karma credit :-)

Google does have a program to monetize quality photos for businesses already - its called the Trusted Photographer program.  You do need more than a cell phone, however.  See


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Copyright on Pictures

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Thank you so much for all of the helpful information. This alleviated quite a bit of headache and worry. Not to mention, it also has provided me with a bit of an opportunity should I take this further.


I see potential in this market and some places remain largely untapped. I made a website for someone who did not have a Google My Business and their results have been astounding. If everyone knew of the benefits, I don't see why they would not want one if they are indeed the business owner.