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Copyright and trademark infringement +links removed by google ?

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We face a serious copyright infringement and also trademark infringement.

AIOP All In One Profits is on the market for 4 years, legally registered as trade mark under the Madrid and Viena trademark classification.

A former client is running a so called business creating a confusion among people worldwide.

This may be also associated with a financial fraud and cyber crime, as the thief misleads people about his  registered company while making  illegal promisses of guarantees and earnings through other websites he use for advertising connected to the fraudulent main website.

The legal path we started already, it will take more time as the attorneys and theUK Metropolitan police need to gather more proofs until finding the true location as the theft and money collect is made from UK but under an Indian false registration.

The form provided by google for copyright infringement and trademark infringement is not quite working as we try to get total removal from google for his links.

How can we contact google to provide the evidence we have until now that is misleading people ?



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Re: Copyright and trademark infringement links removed by google ?

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since you did not specify the business page in question my answer and advice have to be very general one:
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Copyright and trademark infringement links removed by google ?

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Thank you Helmut,

That google page doesn`t  have the option for copyright complaint but just for trade mark and the complaint for trade marks rights infringement doesn`t work from that page  as is not giving any option other than Adwords trade mark complaint which anyway gives a 404 not found page if clicked.

Mean while I found the copyright complaint page which leads to DMCA in the end so I will go for DMCA take down as we are DMCA clients for some years..  But our researched brought  indications about a possible fraud and  cyber crime behind this story of teft.

I am affraid that this can be a problem for anyone in the  network marketing niche that can become essily a victim, because is about a non existent Indian company claimed as legit, domains  registered in both India and UK, sales and money collected through a Paypal account possible  registered in UK on a business name already closed in UK last year or so.  No wonder that they choose to steal from us even we never gave whitelabel rights or EULA to anyone for our scripts and softwares.

I wonder if google, gmail in fact can provide us some back end info about the IP used to use the gmail accounts of the thief.

Because we found a strange combination of IP and UK address,so we got stuck in filling in a UK police report.


Copyright and trademark infringement +links removed by google ?

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To whom it may concern:


Dear Sir/Madam,


We have come across a few websites online, that are presently using our identity as “Executive Airport Cars” to organise and to acquire business. The company rights for Executive Airport Cars belong to us and the material for our website is copyrighted. We have seen approximately 4 to 5 different websites that have stolen our identity in acquiring business and that is affecting our business.


Executive Airport Cars is a limited company, protected by shares and was incorporated under England & Wales Companies Act 2006. The company particulars, memorandums, articles, share capitals and registrations details can be verified from the below companies house link:




Company number:  11127803


Company Overview for EXECUTIVE AIRPORT CARS LIMITED (11127803)

Filing history for EXECUTIVE AIRPORT CARS LIMITED (11127803)


Registered office address

8 Navigation View, Rochdale, United Kingdom, OL16 5JF

Company status


Company type

Private limited Company

Incorporated on

29 December 2017


First accounts made up to 31 December 2018

due by 29 September 2019


Confirmation statement

First statement date 28 December 2018

due by 11 January 2019


Nature of business (SIC)

49320 - Taxi operation

52290 - Other transportation support activities

53201 - Licensed carriers”



Follwing are the businesses/websites that have copied us illegally and our acquiring business on our behalf.


  1. | Business Name: Executive Airport Cars
  2. Business Name: Executive Airport Cars
  3. | Business Name: Executive Airport Cars


We request all Google/Bing/Yahoo to please take a look at these abovementioned websites and either requested them to change their business names or alternatively restrict these websites so that our credentials are not abused.


Our contact details in case you would like to contact us:


Mr. Sajjad Hussain




Kind regards,


Sajjad Hussain



P.S. we have tried contacting these companies, however we have had no replies from them. One of them has even branded us as “imposters” and failed to acknowledge the copyrights.


These website do not have ads. They are just appearing in the google/bing/yahoo searches as normal websites but using our business name "executive airport cars" to do their business. 

We have contacted ActionFraud & Companies house in relation to this and they have provided us with following reference numbers: 
Action Fraud: NFRC180102159691
Companies House: Companies House, Ref: NUM531846X