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2.6K members online now
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Continuous high jacked listing from

Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭
# 1
Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭ continues  to hijack business listings.  Lying to restaurant owners saying that they are Google My Business.


Google Listing of concern


1. Two weeks ago.  We called directly from the business telephone number.  The client and I expressed the concerns of an unauthorized online ordering website being placed into the business listing. 


2. Google My Business representative.  Assured me that the listing would be changed to unverified.  And access to own the listing would be placed back into our gmail account.


3. I called Google My Business today.  Nothing was resolved.  The only feedback given was to request owner from the existing listing owner.  Beyond Menu.


4.  This request was already made two weeks ago.


5. Conclusion.  We would like Google to remove any email address that Beyond Menu is using as ownership.


6.  Place the clients authorized website back into the business listing.


7 Provided ownership of the business listing  with


8.  Review all previous complaints made about Beyond Menu,  and suspend their accounts.  For falsely  representing themselves as Google.  And falsely representing clients with unauthorized online order websites.



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Continuous high jacked listing from

Top Contributor
# 2
Top Contributor

@M N

whilest I have already  forwarded to Google your general suggestions how they should deal with BeyondMenue in future I would like to escalated any open ownership conflicts for the listing through a special escalation path.


Please tell me more about its actual state:

1# when did you/your client last time request the ownership from the actual owner of the listing applying "

2# what role(s) is(are) assigned in the tab user of the dahsboard of the listing (i mean the roles of you or your client and who is indicated as primary owner)

3# In case neither  you nor your client are listed under "Users" or you still have not even any access to GoogleMyBusiness regarding the listing lemme know also.



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