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Competitors using our brand name in google business pages

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Hello Sir/Mam,

I am officially representing Omaxe Limited (India's top 10 real estate Builders & Developers).

My concern is the problem we are facing since long back. And i couldn't find any solution. I have been talking to google business support team also, but again nothing.


The problem is that, as we have a good brand name, so people create business listings near our locations. They use our brand name to get business. But this thing is confusing users.

For example our one of the listing is Omaxe The Lake, its our apartment complex in Chandigarh.

But now as people are looking to buy house in it. So dealers or other 3rd party vendor creates multiple listings using our brand name. And the user is misguided. We get cases daily in which user is misguided by google directions, as it takes them to some other location. 

This is harming our brand image, as well as Google's brand image as well. As google is not able to differentiate between original listings and fake listings.

As a proposed solution, it will be better to delete such listings, we as official trademark holder can provide any legal documents you demand. But this needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Sharing one of the location where we are facing problem:


Our location:

Fake listing of 3rd party using our brand name:


We are facing this issue for more than 100 locations.

In hope of a concrete solution.