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4.3K members online now
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Competitor take over my listing with 700 reviews

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2 years I build a listing and asked many customer for reviews. All together its now around 700 reviews. I managed that listing very carefully. The listing was fully verificated. 


My business support says I need to re-verificate the listing again. 


I dont know yet if this helps at the end. Maybe some "smart" algorythm decides against me. Who knows. Its a very frustrating experience. And I think verificated owners should have more chances to reject this "enemy" ownership requests.  You only need to know the postmen in the area and you can easily take over listings. 


He even re-named the listing. 


This is the listing.,14.9161036,16.67z/data=...


At this location are several companies with similar names. So this will be a never ending story maybe. If have no problem if there is a competition location there. But i want to get back all my reviews, pictures i uploaded and stuff. 


I dont know if someone of my business team is reading this... For a long time google user with so far big trust in the products its a hard to agree on this. And I dont think thats in the interest of my business that something happens :-(


Maybe someone else had also this experience and can give me a tip?


my company name is: zrce festival beach UG... 


best regards




Competitor take over my listing with 700 reviews

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has someone advise or any kind of help for me?