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Competitor business is linked to my listing (photo)

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My listing: is #1 for Google search:  "dallas event photographer".  Suddenly, an image that is not mine became the lead (featured) photo.  If the viewer clicks on the image it takes them to a competitor's website!  All the other info on my listing is correct including the website and phone number.  I can edit my photos via Google+ but I don't see that linked featured image anywhere on my listing.,lf_ui:2&rflfq=1&rlha=0&t...







Dallas Event Photographers


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Re: Competitor business is linked to my listing (photo)

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Hi Agent B,


I can clearly see what you are describing. It looks like a competitor has uploaded a public photo that links to their website. ( See below)




Looks like is spamming your listing somehow. I would contact Google through one of the channels below to try and get these removed

Re: Competitor business is linked to my listing (photo)

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Thank you so much for your reply Jordan. I finally realized this is above my pay grade.... I was successful in bumbling my way to tweaking the listing SEO until I got us to the top, but I can't seem to untangle the mess I made trying to fix this issue.... so I'm looking for a pro to enlist that I can trust with my passwords and such.

I was trying to also keep my 2 businesses separate and used Agent Booker as the name and that has also evidently caused Google to threaten to suspend the acct because Agent Booker is not a 'real name'. Ugh. I've been in business (self employed) for my entire career (35 years) but I want to keep the 2 completely different photo businesses separate as some of my commercial clients would look down on the fact that I also do event photography..

Thanks again, I'll report back when I get this resolved in case it can help others.


Re: Competitor business is linked to my listing (photo)

Google Employee
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Google Employee
Hi Jay,

It has been over a month since we’ve heard from you regarding this thread, so I wanted to check in and ensure that your issue has been resolved.

Please feel free to respond on this thread if you are still facing this problem, we would be happy to help you.

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Re: Competitor business is linked to my listing (photo)

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I am an agency partner working with Jay and to get this resolved.

The photo image and link as described originally STILL exist on the Google My Business listing for

How do we get this image removed from this listing?

Ross R. Mason