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Claim listing glitch

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

I have a few listings I was doing transfer of ownership's on for different companies. 

I did all the necessary steps with the new process. 

1. I created the listing. 

2. I verified the listing. 

3. The listing went duplicate. 

4. I requested access from the listing in the dashboard.

5. I waited the 7 days. 

6. I claimed the listing and sent the postcard. 

7. The client calls in with the postcard.

8. I verify the listing, and fully expect the listing to verify under our new ownership, but no. 

It goes back to the red bar with the claim option. 

How many postcards do we have to send now just to get a listing verified to complete a transfer of ownership. 

I know it's a glitch. Is anyone else having this issue? 

I need advise on how to deal with this issue. Do we wait to to start new transfers? Should we hold off on inputting verification codes? I know it usually takes several weeks for Google to fix more complicated issues. So please advise.