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1. Innovations Dentistry - Jake Hanus, D.D.S.

2. 14617 S Memorial Dr, Bixby, OK 74008

3. (918) 366-9500



"Someone else verified my business"

This did not mention what would happen if the current owner ignored/denied the request. I followed instruction, but my client has no idea who the 2 letter masked gmail account is that seemingly verified his business address while he transitioned into ownership/name change. How did this email/gmail account verify the address without ownership of the domain, or phone, or physical address?


I have submitted the request as indicated in the article above - however the form seemed to me more of a "suggestion for edits" type of form, more so than a "verify ownership" form.


I suppose I will wait 7 days and see what happens.. although it would be nice to combine 2 forms of identify (a phone verification + domain verification) to override existing ownership immediately. What happens if the mystery owner approves the edits... do they maintain ownership? My Business and location verification has changed quite a bite over the past and it's hard to stay updated.


I am currently unable to implement AW location extensions due to mystery owner and could use immediate support if possible. Any tips on resolution would be appreciated.


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Hi @Hunter F


You've gone through the right process, so it's a matter of patience.  


The seven days is fixed. If the current owner does not add you to the listing, you'll be able to be assigned as owner by Google.  


Post back after the required time if there are any further issues.

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Glad to hear I am on the right track. Hopefully all goes well! Thank you Margaret.