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3.7K members online now
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Cannot access my business through the appropriate email address account. Still receive notifications

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Sneaky Flamingo

304 Ash Ave Wood Dale IL 60191

623 806 0086



This issue became apparent when a local competitor marked us as permanently closed (and followed up with a fake 1 star review with no feedback, which I can't even respond to). I received the permanently closed notification in my email's inbox, but when I tried to follow the link to correct the issue my business was not listed under my email account. I tried every other possible email address to make sure. But no, I'm still receiving notifications at the same email address with which I created the listing, I just can't manage anything. 


Because of this I couldn't figure out how to address the "permanently closed" issue so I started creating a new listing. However I was able to report the business as still open the way anybody else would. So the permanently closed issue is fixed, but I still can't manage my account. 


I would like to add that all of this happened after we received two strange phone calls. One at 4 am local time inquiring about our business. Another 2 days later after 10 pm inquiring. Both were strange and asked vague questions about the business. We have never done customer service over the phone, all orders and inquiries are online. The number attached to our listing was only ever added for texting inquiries through the google listing. 


Is it possible someone retained ownership of our listing without us receiving notification?


So confused!