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2.9K members online now
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Cannot Get Access to Business Page after 2 Weeks of Waiting.

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I was hired to do marketing for Hart & Sons Inc.  For the Maplewood location there was a G+ Page up, but it had a "claim this business" button on it.  So I claimed it, requested postcard, owner received postcard and forwarded the PIN number, I verified listing.  And got a message:

Owner conflict
This location is a duplicate of a location you don't own or manage on Google (View on maps). Remove your location or request to become the owner or manager of the existing location.
So I contacted Google and they attempted to connect me with whoever created the page.  The owner is an older gentleman and had no idea who created the page.  That was on the 1st...I was told to wait 7 days.  I waited 7 days, and emailed support again and go no real answer.  So I waited another week and then Requested a phone call from support, and got some confusing answer that I had waited 14 days and that I would need to wait 14 MORE days before they can do anything.

As far as I know this is an orphaned business page.  There has to be something that can be done to speed up the process to get access to this page.



1. Full business name Hart & Sons Inc.
2. Current business address 28 Woodland Rd, Maplewood, NJ 07040

3. Current telephone number (973) 761-7676

4. Google Maps URL
5. Website (if applicable)