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Can't verify, manage, or own my account on another gmail

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I have a business gmail account, <email address A removed as noted below> . Let's call that account A. The description for the google local listing is no longer correct and I would like to change it, but can't verify because...the account is owned my my personal account, <email address B removed as noted below> (account B). I have managed to become a "manager" for the google listing, but not an owner, so I can't verify. When I log into google for business using A and select "managers", I see both of me, but there is no option to request or change ownership. The B me is owner, the A is manager. All I can select is "done."

I tried to reach my google local listing logged in as B, but I can't because that is not a business and can't access the listing.


So the B me owns the listing but can't access it, while the A me can access but not verify or change it. I've spent over 20 hours on this, on an off, over the past year. Support will not return my inquiry. Can anyone help?  


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June 2016

Re: Can't verify, manage, or own my account on another gmail

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Hi Pat

It shouldn't matter if your accounts are 'business emails' or 'personal emails' - when you log in with a Google Account that owns or manages a Google My Business listing, you will see those listings.

Can you please try the following for me:
1. Log out of all your Google accounts and close all browsers (just setting a clean slate here)
2. Open a new browser (I use Chrome but use whatever you normally use) and go to
3. When asked to log in use Account B's account details. You will then see any pages that you own or manage.

From here you can change the details of the page, and transfer ownership to Account A if you so wish.

Let me know how you go

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Can't verify, manage, or own my account on another gmail

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 Was. Stuck in frp Mode for actions  on google. Go to verify ower acvount now