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Can't use my google account (someone else has the access)

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Hi there, 
I'm writing on behalf of a friend of mine, he's the owner of a small business, a hotel, here in St-Petersburg, Russia. The account he lost access to is
So the deal is: he didn't have the time to deal with all the web issues around his hotel, and he employed a person who set up a Google Account and dealt with all the settings and so on. He does have the access to the email, but he won't receive any notifications from there and the phone number that's aligned with the account also does not receive any messages from Google. So he can't sign in to the account. The thing is the lady who was employed was not very trustworthy and she got fired due to some other things, but she is now the only one who has the access to his account and although not employed anymore, she answers his reviews in a featured snippet, and the answers aren't something the owner is happy with. So basically she controls the entire account and he has no access to it. And we can't really use any online option as he has no access to any of it (although email and phone as I mentioned are supposedly his but receive nothing - we don't know maybe she did something to that too). So what do we do now? 
- we have to recover his access
- we have to cut her access to the account
But how, we don't know. Please, we will really appreciate any help!
1. Full business name - Petropolis Hotel
2. Current business address - Ulitsa Kotovskogo, 4, Sankt-Peterburg, 197101, Russia
3. Current telephone number - 8 (931) 002-30-70
4. Google Maps URL -,30.3291192,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7...
5. Website (if applicable) -

Can't use my google account (someone else has the access)

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I have a similar issue and would love to explain.  Is there anyone at Google who may help?

My situation:  I was part of a franchise model, but now I've rebranded.  The Google my Business page was on the franchise domain and the franchise has closed the page.  I can't access the page because I've lost access.  When I submit a request of ownership, I get rejected.  When I try to start a different Google my business page, It won't allow me because of the duplicate address issue.  Additionally, the franchisor continuously keeps listing my business as permanently closed.  
How do I gain access to the page so I can rename the business?