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Can't reach Google to help me point my Shopify store to my domain.

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Here's the meat of the email I have sent to Google on this issue:


When I go to GoDaddy (where Whois  lists I got my domain) it shows I do not have one.  I called GoDaddy and they said since we signed up for this domain through Google, we needed to go to Google to do the above task.  The problem I am having is that this was set up under a different email than mine (******* than my own (******* as she was the one handling the website part of our business.  She is no longer available to do this for our business, and I am now in charge of the website.  I am also the “Registrant” and the “Tech Name” and the one who pays Google every month on my American Express card ending in ****.  I would like to get this handled quickly as I would like to make my Shopify website live by September.
2. Troubleshooting I have taken – Tried going through Google, but still not allowed, even though I have the account number (*******) and the call-in PIN (****) and as I said the payor on the credit card, giving the last four of the credit card used on this account (****)
I originally sent this August 24, 2016 - thinking it was a simple fix and I could open my store first of September.  As of today, September 9, I have no response though I have reminded them I'm still waiting, twice.  I have no PIN for this issue so I can't get on the phone with anyone.  It's a really simple fix.  After all I am the person paying the bill, the "registrant" and "tech" officially listed.  Why can't I just go on with my site instead of waiting for something so simple to go forward?????

Re: Can't reach Google to help me point my Shopify store to my domain.

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Case # is 10278101 btw