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Can't reach Google my Business because of mail server moving !

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I have a problem and can't find any solution so I'd be so appreciate if you guys can help me. We used to have Google based mail addresses for my company like : this is an e-mail address that we use, but we login from Gmail to use it. So that time, we created a google business account to show our business in google. But later, they changed the mail server to Now, if I want to login my mail address, i should go to 


BUT when we changed our mailing server to yandex, I could not log in to google business to my account and change my address and name. ( We moved to another location so i have to change our address for google searches because it makes conflict now ) 



Can somebody please help me about that  ? 


Our Full business name ; SLIMWELL 

Adress : feneryolu mah. bağdat cad. 115 / 2 C blok D:1 Feneryolu / İstanbul ( This is the current adress of ours but in google it is our ex address which is ; bağdat cad. 310/13 K:3 D:6 Caddebostan / Kadıköy / Istanbul

TEL : +90 216 369 13 69 

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Can't reach Google my Business because of mail server moving !

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Hi Casmara, 

If I understand the situation you do not have an account to log into your Google My Business page. And you have moved. So you are looking to claim control of the original listing but also know the verification will not work due to the move.

Step one

Set up a free Gmail account for managing Google products, not a domain name based account. Keep the username and password with a backup person.

Step two

Here is the current process to claim the old listing. I assume the owner of the company does not know the username and password for the listing? When you do this process the current owner of the account gets notified of the request and an e-mail is sent. If the owner has multiple accounts he may, in fact, get the request then just needs to figure out the password for the account. Then the person responds who has it and then transfers it or if no response in 7 days they give control to you. This process as long as it is followed it also establishes the right data and puts a person in the loop that has access to the relevant information will help you.  If you wind up with a tech support person they will also be able to handle the move data.

step three Now that you have control of the listing set up the move and use the Gmail account.


Thanks for asking,



David W Cox, Google My Business Top Contributor
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