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5.4K members online now
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Can't gain ownership of our business

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I've been emailing back and forth with someone at Google for months!  they always just say "we are working on it".  
We own and manage an apartment building:

Cornell Arms Apartments 

1230 Pendleton St 

Columbia SC 

www.cornellarmsapartments   (which is not a live website)


No-one is currently managing this account.  I have tried multiple times to follow the directions to gain ownership.  It always says that someone else owns it, I hit the button that requests ownership and nothing happens.  

Unfortunately theres more to the story.  At one point i was able to try to sign in and it asked for a cell phone number, and it accepted the cell phone number of an ex-employee, which I believe means that it was her that had set it up. (because google said that it did send that number a text, which I believe means that it was her that set it up).  She says that she didn't receive anything.  Even when I see the spot where it shows the email address that does manage it, it shows  That matches her old email address.  

I don't know how to get past this point.


We need to be able to manage our page!  We are under new management and need to respond to reviews etc.!!


Please help!