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Can't access my business Google+ Page

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I have a g+ page,, however, I cannot access it from my email. I am pretty sure I am signed into the correct email, because last time this happened, I contacted google support (something I cannot figure out how to do now), and they confirmed it was connected to this specific account. When I go to G+ now, I have the option of creating a google+ page instead of accessing my page.

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Re: Can't access my business Google+ Page

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Hi Sergiu

Is the problem resolved? Just realised how old this thread is, we're working our way through a fairly large backlog.

When you say you cannot access it from your email, do you mean you log into google with the same account as your email, and you go to your dashboard to view your page?
The listing is showing as verified, so it's definitely not open for claiming.
If you can't access it using the google logins you can think of, you can try an ownership transfer request.  Chances are one of your emails will receive the request.
Fill out the form. You have the option to include a message to the current owner to contact you directly.
The current listing owner will receive an email asking them to get in touch with you, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Allow a full 7 days for the current listing owner to respond to your request. If you don’t hear back after 7 days, contact support by replying to the confirmation email.

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Can't access my business Google+ Page

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, that is correct. I have more than one google account, so I open an incognito tab in Chrome, sign in to the account that page is linked to, open the G+ page through the apps dashboard, and it takes me to a personal google+ home page where I can create a new page. I will try request of ownership transfer, that is a good idea. Hopefully if will connect me to the page. Thank you


EDIT: When going to "google my business", searching and clicking on my business, and then clicking next, I got the message "This business is already in your account", clicked next, and was taken to the actual business Google+ page.