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Business on the Same Building replaced my Business Listing's Name!

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Basically, the company I'm working with right now has had a Google+ Page for quite a while, and everything has been hunky-dory. Google Maps and Search both showed the correct business name, address (map location) and contact info.


A few days ago, it came to our attention that all of that changed. When you search either the address or our business name on google, the same listing appears (complete with our business phone and website's URL), but the name is now different. All our embedded maps are also showing that new name.


Upon checking, the name is for the company whose offices are also located in the same address as us (they occupy some of the left wing of the ground floor, we occupy most of the building's ground floor and third floor).


I've tried suggesting an edit, but no luck. I went to and I couldn't find the listing under 'My Locations', so I guess it was never 'claimed'? And when I try to add a new location and put in the address, the form automatically populates with the data of the current listing, including the other Business name!


Any advice on how to proceed?



Full business name: Gurango Software Corporation
Current business address: Ground Floor, Topy's Place Building, No. 7, Libis, Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
3. Current telephone number: +63 2 637 0928
4. Google+ URL:

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Re: Business on the Same Building replaced my Business Listing's Name!

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Hi @Justin E

Someone edited the name on the listing to what it is now (Kation Technologies). Not sure why. It may have been by someone that mistakenly thought it was supposed to be the listing for the other business since it's in the same building.


The proper way to update the listing is through the Google My Business dashboard since it's a verified listing.


If you can't locate the login associated with the listing then you can try to request ownership of it. You were close to that point when you tried to add it as a new location and saw that it populated the data with the current listing. You do want to hit "Continue" when it does that. It should then tell you at that point that the listing has already been verified. It will also give you a hint of the email associated with the account that verified the listing (ja… Hopefully you recognize it and can access that account. If not, proceed with the ownership request.


This article provides more info about the ownership request process:


Good luck!

TomW, Google My Business Top Contributor
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