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Business marked duplicate

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The UBC Bookstore, was recently unpublished by Google Business because it stated a Business Marked Duplicate. We have a second location on another campus, but that shouldn't be the issue, and we only have the one google business account. Any ideas as to what's caused this?


UBC Bookstore Vancouver

(604) 822-8592

6200 University Blvd, Vancouver BC. Canada

BC V6T 1Z4







Re: Business marked duplicate

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Hi @Connor B

I think I found the remnants of your suspended listing here:

As a small aside, Google guidelines say your name must not include:
Location information, such as neighborhood, city, or street name, unless it is part of the real-world representation of the business. Your name must not include street address or direction information.

  • Not acceptable: "Starbucks Downtown", "Macy’s Union Square", "Holiday Inn (I-93 at Exit 2)", "U.S. Bank ATM - 7th & Pike - Parking Garage Lobby near Elevator"
  • Acceptable: "Starbucks", "Macy’s", "Holiday Inn Salem", "U.S. Bank ATM", "University of California Berkeley"

It looks like your location name is UBC Bookstore, not UBC Bookstore Vancouver. 

The actual thing I saw that probably ran you into trouble though, is this:

Their name appears to be incorrect. It looks to me like their name should just be 'MEC'. You might be able to work with them to get that corrected. The categories are completely different, but it still might have confused Google's algorithms. If that's the issue, you should be able to get reinstated by requesting a callback from Google support or (generally the better of the two options) contacting Google small business support on twitter. You can try doing that before getting MEC to change their name, but they should change it anyway to avoid confusion and to stay within guidelines. 

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Re: Business marked duplicate

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Thanks James! I found that after googling UBC Bookstore Vancouver and
thought that may be the issue. Thanks for contact tips!

Much appreciate, mate.