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2.1K members online now
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Business listing removed/suspended along with reviews

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Dear Expert.


  1. Full business name - Metafitnosis
    2. Current business address - Plot 17, F 6 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
    3. Current telephone number - +923008555628
    4. Google Maps URL - had this id A4VixJyEumq after the basic link (last time it existed - invalid now so can't post it)
    5. Website (if applicable) -


We recently launched a 'leave a review' campaign with our members. We had reached 53 reviews when suddenly day before yesterday our google location disappeared and a new unverified location popped up in a residential area (this link:


We believe that an ex employee had verified the business earlier under his/her email id when a couple of years we had to edit a location change. This is based on the fact that our previous account did not display the option to 'claim the business', which our new location in the city of Karachi did.


Yesterday the location would appear on and off along with the reviews (which is when we was able to copy the unique URL) but we noted that essential business information was removed, such as hours, phone number, and website. we suggested the edits and received an email from Google stating that our edits were published. However, when we click on the link provided to check the published updates the location shows no results on Google maps.


In the meanwhile, we have tried to claim the other Google maps URL and publish updates (address, phone and hours) because we have no visibility online right now (website is under construction) but it can only get verified by post mail before it gets published. That will be in 2 to 3 weeks.


Please help with either situation. Our preference would be to recover those reviews and the original location. 


I am attaching images to show our previous location and reviews.

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