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Business listing incorrect in Google Search

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Hi everyone,


There are two listings currently showing for my business - one is very old and the other is the new one I have created. On the old instance of the review, it is showing an old telephone number, incorrect contact details and I would like to remove this. 


There was an old business at the location previously that I had taken over, however it is now associating all the wrong information to my business. 


I am unable to request ownership as I don't even know if the previous owner is even contactable. I have tried to request ownership but it hasn't worked. 


The old instance is here:


When you open the above you will see the old listing. 


I have already setup a new Google My Business profile, however within the dashboard the following error message shows:


Duplicate location
This location is a duplicate of a location that's already on Google. Learn more
I'm not sure what to do next? Could someone please help?