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4.3K members online now
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Business change of ownership and its brand

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I work at Mr.Kebab as a manager which has previously opened on a recently closed turkish restaurant and have been trying to change details and pictures through my business app that google offers, however I am unable to change its name nor its pictures due to post code arrival time. However,  it says the code will arrive around 15 days and the business owner of the Mr.Kebab franchise requested to be changed within 2 days as the holiday season is coming up and the tourists will use the google map and that we should be able to seen within that time.Is there a way to speed up the process or verify that the previous shop closed? I can personally take pictures of the same place and I have already done so by putting pictures through customer review section since I am unable to put it as interior photos due to lack of allowance. It would be amazing if someone helped out.


Thank you, 

Yakup Kekec