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Burns and Bowne Adjusting Company

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Dear Community.  I would appreciate any help you can provide on how I can get Google Maps to stop calling our place of business up to twelve times per day, from different phone numbers with our area code, asking for maps verification the Company owner does not wish to provide.  Pressing 2 to "opt out" only eliminates them calling from that number, not the other thousands they have to choose from.  It is impossible to reach a human, no matter what button is pushed or phone number is called, of course.  After over a year of charting their abuse with the internet phone reports I'm ready to seek a "cease and desist" order.  I do have the packet ready for the BBB and FTC that will mail tomorrow.  

Thank you!!

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Burns and Bowne Adjusting Company

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Please note that Google does not make automated calls, robocalls or harass Individuals or businesses to use their products. If you request for Google to contact you and receive a call, any legitimate employee or partner to Google is under strict guidelines on how to be friendly, professional and verifiable to all. Do not trust anyone on the phone simply because they use the name Google. 


Please use this information to report them directly to Google so they can take further action. As you will see, phone calls from Google are 99.5% not from Google.


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention and we do appreciate you taking a few moments more to file a report.


Kind Regards,



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