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Been trying for 4 months to get a duplicate listing removed

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4 months ago my GMB entry had an error that wouldn't let me make changes. GMB phone support told me to create a new entry and to mark the old entry as a duplicate but both showed in Google maps. Support told me the duplicate would be removed. After months of no changes, I've been trying to find someone that could in help in forums for GMB but was told it was a Map issue so I went there. Someone marked it as closed and said it would be removed soon. A month later my issue was still there and had potential clients think I was closed. I was told by Flash to come back here to get help. Here's my listing At this point I'm not sure what I need to do to remove the listing I had errors accessing. Both listings are the same business and same address.


Google Map URL -,-94.604724,8z/dat...

Been trying for 4 months to get a duplicate listing removed

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Hi Bryan,

In your case, the best option is to go through a listing merge/consolidation. 


Since No Limit Web Design is a Service Area Business, the GMB team is really your best bet. They will typically do this in relatively short-order but the key is to be patient, pay close attention to to every email they send, and offer a phone number where the can reach you basically any time. Since you're in Louisiana you'll have to keep in-mind the GMB support team is mostly in Mountain View, CA so it's pacific time and there are plenty of times where they will call (650 Area Code and sometimes an 866 number) at 7pm or 8pm eastern time.  


1. I would file the help ticket before doing anything. Google will then follow-up and ask you if you own both. You will confirm this. 


1. Since you are verified on both listings, they will then as you to unverify the one you want merged (this one: To unverify, from your desktop/laptop you will go to the "info" tab on the undesired listing and choose the option to "remove this listing" (which just removes it from your GMB, NOT from the map). 


2. Once unverified, the GMB team will claim the listing themselves and verify it as their own. 


3. After they claim it, they will typically merge the listing to the proper one (this one: ). 


4. You will likely see a note about this in the GMB Dashboard and be asked to "Accept All Changes". Do this. From there, you are all set! 


Four steps seems simple - and it really is - you just need to be patient with the whole support ticket process. One interaction per day until resolution is pretty common. The folks on that team are incredibly busy helping folks. 


Good luck! 


Oh also - for further reading and a true authority on the topic, check out @JoyHawkins content over here: