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Automated Ownership Process - PLEASE HELP

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This new feature has been very helpful, however there are a few scenarios that have been coming up for our organization.



When we are looking not to have ACCESS to a page, but to have it UNVERIFIED, we are hitting a wall. If the original request is unanswered, the form will prompt us to "VERIFY" the listing.


We do not want to verify this information - Usually, this situation comes up when we are trying to resolve address/phone number duplicates.


IE: Our client has ownership of a verified listing (#1) with the address 123 Fake St and the number 555-5555.

There is another verified listing (#2) with an unknown owner, and the address of 999 Unreal Ave and the number 555-5555.


We obviously do not want to VERIFY listing #2, as it has incorrect address information. We just want it released. Under this new procedure, how can we achieve this result?


ISSUE #2: The form, after 7 days, leads not to a "VERIFY" option but to a form that leads nowhere. Your only option in this case is to select "OK", which takes you back somewhere else.


Any help on these issues is very much appreciated.


All the best.