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2.4K members online now
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Autobedrijf Patrick havers

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Hi. I have 2 problems: 1 My business has moved to a different location, plus my business name has changed, but I can't login to the google account that manages my business on Google/Google Maps because I don't know the email adress, somebody has created the Email adress long ago and it's forgotten by who and what it was. 2. Somebody added my moved business (with the wrong name) to the new adress on Google/Google Maps, I don't know who it was, but the details are completely wrong (Name is wrong, business type is wrong) and I want to take the reviews with me from my old adress (old business location). So now my old business can be found on two different locations, on the old and the new adress, but both wearing the wrong name and one wearing the old (now) wrong location.


What can I do now? I wish I could login into my business (with the old name) and on the old adress (for the Google Reviews) change it's name and change the adress from the new to the old and done.

And 2 I want the business that somebody added on Google/GoogleMaps on my new adress (the right adress) to be removed from Google/Google Maps, because the info is wrong, it's not controlled or made by me or even made by someone with my order, so changing those details are also inaccesible to me (because some one had the bright idea to create/add it).


Please help me, I don't know what to do and my new website is ready and needs to go online (but my old website is attached to my old business on the old adress and I can't login to change it to my new website domainname), and ofcourse I also want my customers to be able to find my company trough Google with the right adress, etc, etc.